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About Melbourne

Formerly called Crane Creek, residents renamed the city Melbourne in honor of its first postmaster who spent most of his life in Melbourne, Australia. In 1885, only 70 people called this place home, where small shops would pop up once in a while. 

The city basks in rich histories, with some of its earliest businesses from the 1800s still going strong today. Even with a fire destroying the original downtown in 1919, many entrepreneurs survived the damages. 

In 1969, the leaders of Eau Gallie and Melbourne decided to merge the cities, forming the present-day Melbourne, FL city we know today. By this time, the city’s economy was rising, boasting of establishments like The Melbourne Shopping Center and the Melbourne Auditorium. The city started building a fire station, library, and several parks because of the growing population.

Today, over 81,000 residents call this city home. Also known as The Harbor City, it is famous for its family-friendly charm. Its 87.7 km area consists of about 87% land and 13% water, leading to a diverse business selection.

Many visitors discover beaches, art, culture, history, restaurants, and boutique shops within a day in this city. Whether tourists want to throw bachelorette parties, enjoy a family vacation, or relish a romantic getaway, they find the ideal businesses to fulfill their dream vacation. 

Melbourne is home to many young professionals and retirees, most of whom own their homes. With its highly-rated schools and low unemployment rate, it ranks as one of the top places in Florida to live and retire. 

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If you have trouble achieving your business goals, believe in the power of coaching, and care about the Melbourne community, we need you on our team! Brevard Business Alliance can help you transform your business. 

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Our Goal

Our goal is to strengthen our Melbourne business networking group through business referrals, potential mentorships, and valuable information about the local business scene. 

Through this networking and referrals group, members can enjoy the following:

  • Long-lasting professional relationships: We aim to connect entrepreneurs with others who can help them take their business to new heights, from coaches to suppliers and clients. Every member of the Brevard Business Alliance provides value to other members, developing a growth cycle for the whole group. 
  • Business growth: Apart from networking and referrals, we want our members to gain inspired ideas, raise their profiles, and learn about business and career opportunities. We want to help Melbourne entrepreneurs achieve new success levels with the least time and financial investment possible. 
  • Be part of a community: As Melbourne, FL homeowners and entrepreneurs, we want to start a movement of business owners who will grow with the city. We want to work with entrepreneurs who strive to make Melbourne, FL a better place.